Solar Panel Installation Considerations That You Should Know

13 Feb

Solar panel installation is the most cost-effective way to generate electricity at home. However, it is not for everyone. Before you decide whether solar panel installation is a good idea for your home or not, it is good to know how solar power works. Solar power converts the energy in the sun into electricity using photovoltaic cells. These cells are made from semi-conductive materials like silicon, which allows electricity to pass through them. The current generated by the panels is direct current that can be used for running household appliances and other electrical items at home. Get in touch with the best solar panel installation company at

An average yearly usage of solar panels in homes is about 3kW. As a rule of thumb, a typical 3-kW solar panel system would generate about 3,200 kWh of electricity to run a typical home. A 5-k watt system would generate about 6,200 to 8,200 kWh annually, and a ten-k watt unit could generate about 12,200 kWh of electricity per year for an average home. Depending on the number of solar panels you have, the amount of electricity you could generate will vary. Therefore, it is important to install solar panels on your home's roofs.

Roofs that are pitched or slanted toward the sun can have better chances of collecting solar panel installation's maximum benefits. However, flat roofs are also an option if you want to maximize the benefits of your solar power system. The direction of a roof's pitch is also dependent on the sun's direction during a given day.

In terms of price tag, solar panels can be expensive. But the price of installing them is also dependent on the number of units you intend to buy and its quality and efficiency. For instance, if you want to install one or two solar panels on your home, you could expect to spend from a hundred to three hundred dollars per watt of capacity. However, this would depend on whether you choose to buy low-priced units or opt for those with higher efficiency and output. On the other hand, the per watt cost may be lower if you opt to buy a brand new system and hire pros to install it for you. Make a point of installing a solar panel because it it the cleanest forms of energy.

However, it is not just the price tag on solar home systems that you need to pay. You also have to think of the maintenance costs if you decide to install solar home systems on your own. In fact, professionals will charge you more in maintaining their equipment than what the average homeowner would have to bear. So, it is important to make a good investment first and then decide if you want to install solar home systems.
The other thing you should consider is how to get a better deal on solar panels. Most people believe that it is enough to get an installation package from local dealers. Although this is good for most people, there are other alternatives to look into. One is having your roof lined with insulation to ensure maximum conversion of sunlight into electricity. Another is choosing a contractor who will be willing to install the panels on your roof so you do not have to worry about doing it yourself. And finally, getting a professional to do the job of lining your roof with insulation is another option you should consider. See site for more enlightenment on this topic:

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